Integrate xblock on openedx

I want to integrate custom xblock in openedx, my edx is deployed through tutor. Through my search, it seems that there is only one way, devstack, but integrating edx through devstack is contradictory to tutor. Is that true? Am I getting it right?

You can definitely integrate an Xblock into Open edX when using tutor as the deployment tool, though how easy/complicated is it to do so, would depends on the type of the Xblock or it’s requirments.

If the Xblock doesn’t depend on external resources, then integrating it, could be as simple as:

  1. Adding the Xblock to the pip dependencies via a tutor patch
  2. Rebuilding the tutor Open edX images
  3. restart the servies
  4. Add the Xblock in studio for the courses that needs it.

For 1 and 2, there is an doc with an example in tutor.

For 4 you can follow this guide, you would only need the Xblock module name from that you installed from step 1 and 2.