Integration with paypal problem

I am integrating paypal with my openedx ironwood install.

It works to the point where one can enter their credit card information and submit the form.

However after submitting the form the following error occurs

and this is the corresponding address


Any idea on how I can fix this?

I think the problem is related to no defining the return_url variable

Im quite sure this is done via the paypal developer platform as shown below:

The question is - what do I state as the oauth return url?

I have been told by other developers who are familiar with paypal that the return url is defined within oscar and is set prior to the API call.

Am I right in thinking this would be in the ecommerce.yml file in

@kribby can you please tell us more about your configuration ?

Are you using devstack (master branch) or production (open-release/ironwood.master branch) ?
there are lots of changes in code, installed packages and configuration files so it’s important to point your exact configuration.


I have installed “open-release/ironwood.master branch”

I have used these instructions

Thanks in advance

the return_url is defined in the function def get_transaction_parameters

I “hardcoded” the return_url and cancel_url directly into - and this resolved the problem.

How do I avoid hardcoding this and applying to a configuration file e.g. ecommerce.yml or the env.json e.t.c.?