Introduction: MOOC GdP people

Hi all, before we introduce ourselves some context on our MOOC

The Project Management MOOC ({fr} MOOC GdP), launched in 2013, is the first French MOOC to offer a certificate. We offer 3 tracks: basic, advanced (3 peer evaluated case studies) and team track.
In 2019, over 240.000 people had signed up for it and about 43.000 had gained a certificate throughout 14 editions.

Some quick facts:

  • We used to run on Canvas, but made the transition do OpenedX in 2018.
  • The MOOC is in french
  • we have a lot of students enrolled by their teachers 50% of the september session.
  • Individual enrollements comes more and more from Africa rather than Europe, lots of mobiles phones too (analytics)
  • MOOC feature exams from Centrale Lille, is operated by LearnGdP, the technical side is handled by MOOCit and we are developping plugins and OpenedX code with OpenCraft thanks to a grant from Fondation I-SITE ULNE
  • over the years, MOOC GdP was instrumental in publishing a series of research papers on MOOcs

More {fr} D’une édition à l’autre : innovations et chiffres du MOOC Gestion de Projet

code-wise, we are working on :

  • Enrollment management (lots of students to pre-enroll, lots of problem like correct name registration, double registration…)
  • Open Response Assessment ( Allow learners to re-submit pdf attachment before final submission + Allow instructors to count the self-evaluation score in the final grade + Detect unusual deviation in results, per criterion + Detect and flag learners that are too generous or too severe in their grading compared to others)
  • Reporting and analytics (mostly outside of open edx)

Hi there, I’m Rémi Bachelet

I started the MOOC GdP back in 2013 and I stil very involved in all aspects: pedagogy, running session, research, funding…

I’m a lecturer @ Centrale Lille, twitter @R_Bachelet


Hi, let’s introduce myself
I work for MOOC GdP since 2016.
I assume several roles such as Responsible of peers assesment (studies production, ORA customisation and updates, new reports design)
I’m involved too in process modelisation in order to authomize enrollment process

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@Remi_Bachelet @jpdujay Welcome! Glad to see you here :slight_smile: Your MOOC is one of the most popular in France, and that’s with very little funding and institutional help compared to many other MOOCs of that size. Kudos!