Introduction to Panorama

Hi all!
This is just to introduce our new project: Panorama, our serverless approach to Open edX analytics. We will be showing the architecture in the next community meetup, on Oct 8th, 2020.

For more info, you can visit our microsite

Click here to see our super epic marketing video :grin:


Very interesting! Waiting to see the live presentation on Oct 8th!


@andres It looks nice, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

What license will it be under?

Hi Xavier @antoviaque !
The idea is to publish it as AGPL. However (you will understand why after we show how it works on Thursday), there is still some work to do before there is something that can be shared.
We will be calling for contribution and appreciate the community collaboration to create a shareable edition.

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@andres That’s great to hear! Great choice, thanks for opting for an open source license : ) The AGPL is a great one. Looking forward to watching the presentation on Thursday.

Great news. Great news, indeed! Congrats on the project and choice of license. :+1:

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@andres Thanks for the presentation it was great! I have several questions if you don’t mind ))

Is it possible to see the shared presentation I’d like to dive into the details a little bit slowly?

And you’ve mentioned that you already have panorama working on the production could you also provide the cost of panorama live (on average)? If there is no code one need to pay for AWS services.

Here is the recording of the event:

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This was great! would be even better if setup is easy like using aws cloud formation :slight_smile:

Hi @idegtiarov!

Thank you for joining. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Here is the presentation.Panorama presentation v3.pdf (2.7 MB)

Currently we are offering Panorama as a service. We haven’t published the price list yet, but you can send us a message in the request form.

Hi Manish, and welcome to the community!!

Yes it would be great converting all this wireframe into Cloudformation. I am not skilled in this service, but if you are, or anybody in the community is, we can work together to create it!

Yes I can. I am not excellent in it but yes implemented few bits of AWS services using cloud formation.

Thanks for sharing slides.

It could be interesting for many folks here.

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Hi @andres, I just watched your talk on panorama and panorama seems like a great tool!

Regarding sharing and deploying it, we’ve started using AWS CDK to automate part of our infrastructure, it allows us to get away from cloudformation templates (we use Python) and it allows you to create logical constructs of your infrastructure that can be shared and re-used.

It could a good way to share an easy to deploy an instance of panorama. Happy to help if that’s something you’d be interested in!

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Hi @idegtiarov, @Manish_Hada and @BbrSofiane! Looks like we are starting to have a team!

I did not know about AWS CDK, but after seeing the introduction video now I see it’s a simple way to make complex Cloudformation scripts. Today I asked my AWS contact and he confirmed that CDK is definitely the way to go.

If you wish we can schedule a call to start working on it. I can be available next Friday Oct 16 after 12:00 UTC. Let me know your availability.

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It’s fine for me, I will be available.

Hi @BbrSofiane! Are you available Friday Oct 16th at 12:00UTC for a 1hr video call? If not, please let me know your availability

Hi, Friday at 12 UTC works for me :+1:

I have created this meeting for next Friday oct 16th @12:00UTC. Anybody else wanting to help will be welcome.