Is tutor-notes dependent on frontend-app-course-authoring?

Did the edx-notes feature exist before the course authoring mfe? How was it enabled for a course at that time?

The existing tutor-notes plugin appears to effectively set up a running edx-notes service. In order to enable notes on a particular course, though, these instructions indicate a dependency on the Course Authoring MFE. As mentioned in the instructions, the notes feature is enabled on the Pages & Resources tab which is served by course authoring, as seen here. However, I have not seen any mention in the edx docs for the notes feature, the tutor-notes readme docs nor in the edx-notes-api readme instructions that mention this direct dependency on course authoring.

This recent post indicates that course authoring is still regarded as experimental. Does that mean that the notes feature is experimental too or is there a different way to enable it for a course without using course authoring?

If there is a dependency on course authoring, what is the advised way to configure that mfe service within a tutor environment while its support is not yet included in a tutor plugin? Could the tutor-notes documentation be updated to indicate this dependency along with end-to-end instructions for getting the notes feature running?

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Hi @Jeff_Cohen!
You can use tutor-notes perfectly well without the course-authoring mfe. I’ve been testing in Nutmeg without problems.

That’s great news, @andres! Can you point me to where to enable notes for a course in nutmeg? These instructions point to the Pages & Resources tab which seems to be specific to course authoring.

Thanks for your patience and guidance as I continue to learn my way around.

Just install and enable tutor-notes.

To enable, set Enable Student Notes to true in the course’s advanced configuration.

Very interesting. That’s perfect. I’ll test that. I wonder why the docs don’t mention that advanced setting at all. Thank you for clarifying!