Issues importing library containing MathJax matrix

I get the error:

lxml.etree.XMLSyntaxError: xmlParseEntityRef: no name, line 5, column 47

When I try to import a library containing this problem:

		<choicegroup type="MultipleChoice" shuffle="true">
			<choice correct="true">\(\begin{bmatrix}4&0\\0&-4\end{bmatrix}\)</choice>
			<choice correct="false">\(\begin{bmatrix}16&0\\0&-16\end{bmatrix}\)</choice>
			<choice correct="false">\(\begin{bmatrix}-1&0\\0&-1\end{bmatrix}\)</choice>
			<choice correct="false">\(\begin{bmatrix}-1&0\\0&1\end{bmatrix}\)</choice>

When I remove the & character from the problem the import works.

The error/solution is explained here

I’m here reporting the issue if still exists (it seems like it, xml_module, course_module, xml) and searching for a workaround.

The version used is Juniper but I also tested it in Maple. Same error.

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