[🍁Maple]: Release date moved to 20th of December

As you all know Maple was due to be released on December 9th. However, the payment functionality with e-commerce is currently broken. As it stands the BTR group had two options:

  1. Release Maple as it is (no payments)
  2. Delay Maple until ecommerce is fixed.

Option 1 was rejected because it means that all Open edX Operators that rely on this functionality would not upgrade to Maple. We’ve seen this happen with Lilac with the payment MFE not being able to support custom payment processors and the last we want is for the release cadence to continue without the majority of the community.

The challenge with Option 2 is that we don’t know how long it would take to bring ecommerce to where it needs to be.

So we opted for a version of Option 2 that is:

  • Delay Maple until the 20th of December
  • Fix the payment flow for Paypal

Any questions, remarks or comments feel to comment in this thread.


Thanks for the update @BbrSofiane, I appreciate the huge effort to get ecommerce working for Maple!

Do I understand correctly that using a custom payment processor in Maple will require running a fork of edx/ecommerce and edx/frontend-app-payment?

In theory, yes. I’m not sure exactly how much work it would require though. Are you planning to work on forks for a custom payment processor?

Thanks. No specific plans yet, but we do have a payment processor that we would like to use. Right now I’m just trying to get a sense of what would be required to achieve that given the current plans for ecommerce in Maple.

It’s something that’s on our radar post Maple so if you’re looking to work on it we should coordinate our efforts!