MFE Deployment to S3/CloudFront

I’ve been stuck on this for a few days now.

For purposes of ease of deployment, I am trying to host an MFE (frontend-app-learning) on a S3/Cloudfront distribution. The backend is Tutor/Olive. I have a custom tutor plugin to handle the backend config.

The plugin seems to do its job.

S3/CloudFront seems to do its job.

But when I navigate to the course-home page, I get a blank screen with the following error in the console:

Uncaught Error: getLocale called before configuring i18n. Call configure with messages first.

For now, I am manually installing/building from the command line and copying to S3.

Based on the above error, does anyone see anything I should be looking at?

Never mind. I was missing an environment variable.