Microsites log in

I am using openedx site configurations. I have main site (eg.mysite.com) and subsite (eg. sub.mysite.com). Problem is when user register in sub.mysite.com, he/she can also signin to mysite.com. Can i prevent users to be able to log into other microsite.

Microsites use the same database as the regular site.

I don’t think by default that prevention can happen. You’ll have to customise the flow.

Thanks for your reply @chintan. Can you explain me how can i customize it. Can i use seperate DB for microsites.

I don’t think you should use separate DB, I am also not sure if that is possible or not.

For customising the flow try to have check somehow that xyz user is of microsite and abc user is of your regular site, have that separation and based on that you can block access.

Ok. Thanks for your reply @chintan.