MongoDB Atlas Open edX mongo supported versions

Good Morning Team!

Our company has a version of the open edX up and running in production. Currently we are on the nutmeg release.

We are looking into using MongoDB Atlas to host our mongo database.

Is there documentation for tutor and open edX on the supported infrastructure and their versions per major edX release? We can look at what version of each service that is spun up locally via Tutor but, it would be nice to see a list of supported versions if available.

Is there any team that is using MongoDB Atlas that is willing to share their experience?

Some concerns that we have using MongoDB Atlas:

  • mongodb version support with the forced upgrade path and aligning this with the open edX releases
  • being on a version of mongodb that isn’t supported by the edX platform

Thanks in advance for your help on this!

The versions of major dependencies currently used in Open edX are captured in Support Windows - Google Sheets along with their EOL dates. (The bars with the thicker borders are the ones currently in use.) For MongoDB, 4.2 is the version currently in use but the plan is to finish switching to 4.4 ASAP, in time for the Palm release next month: MongoDB 4.2 -> 4.4 · Issue #232 · openedx/platform-roadmap · GitHub. We haven’t yet tested with any versions newer than that, so I’m not sure if they’d pose problems or not.

Longer term, we’d like to drop the dependency on MongoDB altogether: MongoDB Deprecation and Removal · Issue #3 · openedx/platform-roadmap · GitHub . Progress has been made on that, but at the current pace I’m guessing it’ll be at least a year before that work could be feasibly completed.

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Thank you for this information! This is exactly what we were looking for.