MongoDB EC2 AWS Recommended settings

Good Morning Team!

We are currently running Tutor KOA on 2 EC2 instances. We have a three node MongoDB cluster running on separate EC2’s.

We have recently started having some 100% CPU Saturation warnings coming from our mongodb instances which then causes issues throughout the open edX stack. Most of the spike is CPU I/O wait.

Are there suggested setup recommendations for MongDB EC2 instances for running open edX?

Here are the current EC2 sizes and EBS sizes that we have.

MongoDB AWS EC2 instances (m5.xlarge) (Three nodes 1 primary, 2 secondary)


  • /
    • 8gb (gb2, 100 iops) Encrypted 1.5 gb available
  • /data
    • 200gb (gb2, 600 iops) Encrypted 106 gb available
  • /journal
    • 25gb (io1, 200 iops) Encrypted 24 gb available
  • /log
    • 25 (io1, 250 iops) Encrypted 24 gb available

I was just curious if others have run into this issue before and/or have any recommendations for open edX.

Thanks in advance for your help and insight!

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