Online Community Hangout: Thursday November 14th

Our next Community Hangout is this Thursday:

Come see a demo of a customized ORA/SGA/Assignment report by Alexandra Nabokina from Raccoon Gang. Also we’ll be talking about the Python/Django upgrade, and the timing of Juniper.

Have something you’d like to share? Drop me a line :slight_smile:

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Today we had a demonstration by Tamara and @Alexandra from Raccoon Gang of their information-packed student progress dashboard.

Thanks to everyone who joined.

Darn, bummed to miss the RG dashboard. Was this recorded?

For privacy reasons, we had to remove the recording of the meetup. Perhaps RaccoonGang will make another demo video.

In a couple of days we’re going to update the report with new features and create another demo video :blush:


Alexandra gave us a new recording of the demo, and I’ve re-posted the hangout video with the old demo removed.