Open edX 2020 Keynotes?

hi everyone, as we start to think about keynotes for the Open edX 2020 conference, who are some speakers you’d like to see? Put your ideas in this thread.


Here are a few suggestions:


all great ideas - thanks for the suggestions!

one of my clients created this for Rice U, which launches nationally this fall (in a few weeks):
the brainchild behind StepWise, the AI product, is Elaine Kant (see who i met during a visit to texas last month. Querium is using your platform in a particularly interesting way, as a distribution platform. several large institutions adopted early and – knock on wood – there ought to be many thousands of learners using Rover by the time the 2020 open edx conference happens.


More: in my opinion Elaine presents well for a keynote gig like open edx. she’s pedigreed and professorial, but joyful and approachable. <— that last part is my shameful self-promotion on her behalf.

Here’s a suggestion from internally at edX: