Open edX Conference 2023 - Speaker Highlights

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We are delighted to announce some of our Open edX Conference 2023 sessions, tutorials, and featured speakers! Our conference speakers represent experts within online education, with expertise in a variety of industries, including higher education, corporate learning, nonprofit, government, NGOs, and more.  The presentations of the Open edX Conference 2023 will discuss innovative uses of…

Hi - I am not able to attend the 2023 conference.

  • At the 2022 conference, some sessions had their slides made available online during the session - if that is to happen for the 2023 conference, where can the links be found? On EdX Slack? On the Sessionize schedule?
  • Will there be any live-streaming of sessions?
  • Is there a date by which recordings of sessions will be put online like the 2022 sessions?

Hi @PatM ! I can answer some of these…

They encouraged us to put links to slides and related content on sessionize, and most presenters have done this.

Not this year, no.

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