Open edX video not loading


I have an issue with video loading in a course. They sometimes load and other times they don’t.
Here is a screenshot.

When I load the page in console this error occurs
“Unable to get youtube video metadata. Some video metadata may be unavailable.”

and in HTML
Image 024

How to fix this problem?

have you added youtube api key and do you use google analytics?

Finally, it’s an issue with Google Analytics 4. I disabled videos from measuring and the problem was solved. This post helped me

How can I upgrade to GA4 as @sambapete mentioned?

As far as I know, you just make a theme and pass the tracking code to pages you want to track.

That was exactly what I did but I had the issue.

Google 4 Analytics will be officially added to olive.4 later this month and palm.1 in June when Palm is released.