Payment MFE currency?

Is there a way to set up the Payment MFE to display a different currency then $US ?

I know the currency is setup correctly in ecommerce because the amount will be charged in CAD by Cybersource, but I would like $CAD or $CA to display instead of $US when the learner is attempting to buy the course.

It might be something really simple, but I can’t figure it out right now…

I found a few things since I last submitted my post.

First, we have our own fork. Before using the Payment MFE, I was able to replace instances in the code of edx-platform where USD or usd was to be replaced by CAD or cad. As a result, we were able to always display the prices of our courses in CAD to the users.

Second, last evening, I discovered that depending on the browser, the type of browser (regular or private), the price would display as 75,00 US$ or $75.00.

That’s not the type of behaviour I appreciated or was expecting.

See frontend-app-payment/localized_currency.rst at master · openedx/frontend-app-payment · GitHub for more details.

I understand this has been done to support multiple currencies and display prices in the local currency of the user buying a course, but I would prefer to always display the same price in the same currency for everybody because this is what our payment processor will do anyway.

Many thanks to Eugene Dyudyunov and @pshiu for providing some insights on this situation in Slack.