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Hello Everyone,

First of all, congratulations for the great work you’re doing here.

I was reading the OpenedX trademarks guide and looking to the different instances, but it is still not clear enough for me:

  1. if I want to create a new instance of OpenEdx (costumize it and host it by my own), must I include the Edx/Empowred-by-OpenedX logo in the new instance ?
    ( I had a look on different instances of OpenedX around the world, some of them put the logo, others don’t !!!)

  2. Same question if host the new instance for any organization and provide a support for them ?

I really appreciate your help to the understand the topic above,
Thank you very much,
Best regards.

Thanks for asking! The trademark guidelines say you “should” include the Powered by Open edX logo. It is not a requirement, but we would greatly appreciate it. It’s a small favor to ask in exchange for the full power of the software we have shared with you :slight_smile:

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Much clearer, thank you for the prompt answer Ned,