Problem with course_discovery's update_index

I have configured the discovery service and it works properly I think.
As a piece of evidence, I can call the /api/v1/course_runs/ API and get appropriate results:

  "count": 812,
  "next": "",
  "previous": null,
  "results": [

but I can’t get results from Elasticsearch. and when I call the above API with q query string: I get nothing as result:


in addition, I want to put the output of my update_index management command here:

Skipping '<class 'course_discovery.apps.course_metadata.models.Position'>' - no index.
Skipping '<class 'course_discovery.apps.course_metadata.HistoricalCourse'>' - no index.
Indexing 576 courses
  indexed 1 - 576 of 576 (worker PID: 25199).
Skipping '<class 'course_discovery.apps.course_metadata.models.CourseEditor'>' - no index.
Skipping '<class 'course_discovery.apps.course_metadata.HistoricalCourseRun'>' - no index.
Indexing 0 course runs

The full outlog

I’m already on juniper but I have had this problem since Ironwood. and migrating to koa is in progress.
any idea could be helpful
thanks in advance

@mahyard, I don’t know the answer for the first part, but we’ve also noticed this second bug in Koa. In Course Discovery Django admin -> Core -> Partners, we’ve had an entry with the Name Open edX, Short Code edX, and Site set to the proper one. We had to add the following data there:

  • LMS URL,
  • Courses API URL.

After this change, the update_index management command has started importing course runs normally.

@Agrendalath, thank you for the information.
I have created a custom partner using this shell command:

python create_or_update_partner \
--site-domain --code gtc --name GoToClass \
--courses-api-url https://OUR-LMS-FQDN/api/courses/v1/ \
--organizations-api-url https://OUR-LMS-FQDN/api/organizations/v0/ \
--lms-url https://OUR-LMS-FQDN/

from the admin page, you mentioned above I can confirm that the values have been properly set.
Do you see any wrong value here? or any other idea?
again I appreciate your effort

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