Purging a course

Hello Everyone,
As a course takes up data on the server, how does on go about removing the course and its data completely ? I understand you can just set the course to ended to students will still have access to it, but we would like to free up some space on the server

How would one go about this ?

@Shaun_Ans The following command removes the course from the server.

If you delete a course, you won’t be able to recover it or restore it.

python ./manage.py cms delete_course course_id


perfect thank you :slight_smile:

nevermind, turns out this command is not valid (checked from help too)

Unknown command: 'delete_course'. Did you mean generate_course_blocks?

Ensure you are running the command in the cms bash and mentioning cms before delete_course.

python ./manage.py cms delete_course course_id

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