Questions regarding connecting to MySQL

Hi everyone! I have taken over a project which was being developed using devstack and I am now using tutor dev instead and trying to port the existing project to tutor because devstack is causing a lot of problems and is deprecated. Unfortunately, the old developers have all left the project with insufficient documentation and I am getting a little confused trying to connect the bits and pieces together.

I have been able to run the platform using tutor dev on my local fork of edx-platform till now and my next step is to create custom tables in the MySQL database but I am really struggling to find the correct resources to guide me in doing so. Can someone please help me with how to customise the MySQL database in tutor dev?

P.S - I have been really confused on using tutor dev and tutor local and from what I have read and understood, everyone is saying that tutor dev is the replacement for devstack and I should be using tutor dev if I am developing new features and extending edx-platform to be used in our project. Please correct me if I am wrong there!

Hi @tanmaypardeshi

Tutor dev is indeed for local/development environment and is easier to modify compared to tutor local.

Tutor local is for usually production environments.

For creation of custom tables in MySQL, you can create custom models in your django app and do the migrations, that should create custom tables. Models | Django documentation | Django

If you want tables that won’t be used by your platform or they are just there for other apps, you can create them directly into mysql by going to the mysql shell.

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Hi @chintan! Thank you so much for your quick response! It is really helpful! So switching from devstack to tutor is the correct decision I am making in the long run I suppose.

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