Redirect user back to initial page (not dashboard) after SAML login

Hi. I’m running openedx palm 2 with tutor 16.1.2 in production. We have a SAML IdP which is working fine, but always redirects user to the dashboard after login. We need the users to get redirected back to the page they were on, after SAML login. Changing the value of RelayState in the URL makes no difference and again the user is redirected back to the dashboard. Is it possible to redirect the user to a specific page after SAML login? If so, how should I achieve this?

I believe You can simply append url parameter ‘next’ to the saml login url like below


Yes this works fine if I put it in the login link or the auth_entry link. Guess my problem is with our own frontend (next js frontend for django idp). As the user is redirected to the IdP frontend, the next parameter seems to loose its effect. It still exists in the link, but does not redirect the user.

Thanks for mentioning the next though. Helped me in getting an initial idea for solving the frontend issue.