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Hi people,

I’m currently in the process of setting up my devstack and was looking into solving some byte-sized bugs after my setup is up and running. Is LEARNER-2041 still relevant? I would like to start with something easier and perhaps work my way to more interesting and helpful contributions in the near future. Any other ideas of small features or bugs that might be nice for a starter to solve are very much welcome.

Thanks for any help! :slightly_smiling_face:

@cldme Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

And yes, starting with a byte-sized bug sounds like a good first step, to get through the process once before taking on something more complex.

That ticket seem to not have had an update in a long while though, it might be worth getting confirmation from the e-commerce team first. @nedbat Not sure who to ping from the e-commerce team nowadays for questions like this? Or any other idea for a small byte-sized contribution that you need now?

Hi @antoviaque,

I finally managed to get my dev-stack up and running and made my first PR for the Open edX platform (:crossed_fingers: more to come). Would appreciate if you could have a look over it, thanks a lot.

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@cldme Congratulations on your first PR :slight_smile: And thank you for the contribution! I see that @nberdnikov has already replied to you on the PR. You currently have one test failing, which seem to be due to a download timeout - it might be worth re-running them.

This might be helpful:

Hi @antoviaque, thanks for your reply. I tried re-running the failing test with the jenkins run js command, however I don’t think a re-run was triggered. Not exactly sure, but could it be that I do not have the permissions to trigger jenkins builds yet ? Thanks.

I kicked the tests off again, seems to have done the trick.

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Thanks ! :slight_smile: