Running fork of edx-platform, unable to run a fork of xblock-lti-consumer. How to do so?

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I am currently deploying/ running a fork of the official edx-platform code-base with tutor on an Azure VM. I additionally wanted to play around/ adapt the “xblock-lti-consumer” code as well - with no success so far.

Within the edx-platform code, I found reference to the xblock-lti-consumer code within the requirements (base.txt and base.txt files) and in the file (path: lms/djangoapps/monitoring/scripts/). However, when adapting these and rebuilding my fork of the edx-platform codebase, the xblock code still got pulled of the official edx GitHub.

Are there any other places/ repositories I need to fork and adapt in order to be able to specify from where to pull the xblock-lti-consumer / lti-consumer-xblock code?

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Hello again :slight_smile: This question got moved from Dev to Dev-Ops thread. Does someone here have an answer for this query?

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Hi @Louis-s-29, and welcome to the forum!

So, here’s what I can gather. The python package name is lti-consumer-xblock, and it is indeed pulled in by requirements, as defined in

It gets pulled in from PyPI, as it is in master. If you wanted to pull it in from a fork instead, the Right Way :tm: would be for you to remove that line from, add a corresponding entry to pointing to your fork, run make upgrade to regenerate all the txt requirement files, then finally commit everything (including the new requirements files).

Have you tried doing that?

Wow - that was quick. I shall try and report back about the (hopeful) success.

Thank you very very much @arbrandes

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You got lucky to have posted just before I started my rounds. :wink: Glad to be of service, in any case.