S3 configuration for open edx (Hawthorn)

Hello all
I am trying to set s3 for scorm for Hawthorn version
for this I have set:

“AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID” : “access-key”,

“AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN” : “bucket-name.s3.amazonaws.com ”,

“AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY” : “secret-key”,

“AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME” : “bucket-name”,

in cms.env.json

Is there any other way or i missed anything?

@Sourav_Gehlot To be more likely to get an answer, maybe describe whether you have had an issue with your setup, and if so what are the error messages you see in the logs?

yes i have checked the logs i have to implement it on edx Hawthorn version and stored in Azure -blob.