SAML openedx and Simplesamlphp SAML idp connection

How can we link the openedx existing users with SAML Idp users in openedx. I am working in sso flow like this.

  1. I will call the registration api in openedx to register new user
  2. Using IDP login page I will try to login with same username and password that was in openedx.
  3. It was asking for link the user account to SSO

How can I skip the linking and auto link the user and go to the dashboard of openedx

Hello @rahul.bhaskar

Did you look into the “Skip hinted login dialog”, “Skip registration form”, and “Skip email verification” options.
Using these options might help you in achieving your desired flow.

These all is user but case is for existing users in openedx they need to auto link