Scaling Cairn independent of CMS and LMS

Good Morning team!

Not sure if this is the correct forum for asking questions about Cairn or not. If it isn’t please let me know and where I should direct my question.

We currently use Cairn with our tutor installation. We are in the early process of wanting to scale Cairn independent of LMS and CMS.

We run on EC2 containers. So, our initial thought is to migrate Cairn to a new EC2 container with the option of creating a cluster of Cairn EC2’s in the future if needed.

A few items that we are investigating. How to get the current tracking.log file from CMS and LMS over to the new EC2.
We have thought of a few options:

  • Create an SQS queue and see if we can have vector read from the queue
  • Mount an efs volume onto the new container with the tracking.log file and have vector continue reading from this file
  • Other?

We wanted to check with the community to see if anyone has attempted to do this separation of Cairn from the LMS/CMS cluster? And if so, is there an architectural design that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance!