Seeking Thoughts and Suggestions for Custom Open edX Installation in Azure Kubernetes Service

Hello Open edX Community!

I hope this message finds you all well. I’m a newcomer to the Open edX world and represent a non-profit organization in the education sector. We have recently installed Tutor Open edX for team evaluation and are now looking to plan a custom installation in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for our organization.

As we embark on this journey, we have a few concerns and questions that we would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on:

  1. Database Configuration
    We are in need of separate database configurations for MySQL and MongoDB. Could you please provide guidance on how we can configure these databases separately within the Tutor Open edX setup?

  2. Upgrade and Update Procedure
    We want to ensure a smooth process for future upgrades and updates using Tutor Open edX. We would greatly appreciate any recommendations, best practices, and guidelines on how to handle these procedures effectively. (We need to confirm Tutor is the only way for the installation and futher management, or there is a simple way like pull openedx platform from the repo?)

  3. Migration from Existing LMS Solution
    We currently have an existing LMS solution that we plan to migrate from to Open edX. If anyone has experience or knowledge in this area, we would be grateful for any resources, recommended practices, or guidance on how to approach the migration process.

We understand that the Open edX community is filled with experienced individuals who have deep knowledge of the platform. We are eager to learn from your expertise and benefit from your insights.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, recommended resources, or any other form of support you can provide. Your contributions will be invaluable as we navigate our way through this custom installation and migration process.

Thank you all for your time and assistance. We look forward to engaging with the Open edX community and learning from your collective wisdom.

Warm regards,

Hi @KFC_kenneth !

A lot of the questions you’re asking here are pretty large and a bit too complex to answer in a single forum post. In fact they’re each a project/thread in themselves, and depend pretty heavily on the specifics of your situation. I wanted to give a little time to see if someone was up for taking a stab at them, but I think your best course of action is likely to be to work with one of the consulting organizations in the community directly. I’m biased, but I can tell you OpenCraft would certainly be interested in helping you tackle these problems. :slight_smile:

I’m bumping the email thread I sent you earlier since it contains a link where we can touch base and talk about specifics. Hope to talk with you soon!