Some pages cannot read my scss ovverides

Hello I am using comprehensive theming, but unfortunately some pages cannot see my ovverides

For example at tabs
some tabs are hidden on pages
Course Material and discussion
Should I copy folders discussion or something to my theme? Which templates are responsible for these 2 pages?

@mahyard @antoviaque @jramnai @guruprasad @Manish_Hada
If you Know please help.

Thank you in advance

@nadiastef Hi Nadia.
Do you add changes on templates or just styles? How do you override the styles files?

I use a scss file named ovverides and i import this file

@import ‘…/overrides’;

The platform loads differents style sheets in pages, that’s the reason why you can’t see your changes. The correct way to add your custom styles is with the extra.scss in your theme (static/sass/partials/lms/theme/) this file is imported in all style sheets.
More info:
Please let me know if this solves your problem


Hello, @Aura_Alba this is the case, now all pages works perfectly!
Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Hello, and if I want to remove some css that is located in other files what I hade to do? For example I want to overwrite some css from /lms/static/sass/multicourse/_course_about.scss

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Hello Adrian, as Aura_Alba said _extras.scss is global for all pages, so you can add your css there , if you want to add specific css to one page use comprehensive theming logic and create at your custom theme the file using the same logic and path as you’ve mentioned lms/static/sass/multicourse/_course_about.scss

yes. I’ve done this but the changes are not applied for lms/static/sass/multicourse/_course_about.scss
_extras.scss works