Students’ “Progress” page doesn’t update when new Problems are added or update and delete the problem

I noticed something strange today. I have a class that’s already running, but when I remove problem to the class, the students’ Progress page doesn’t update.

E.g. if a subsection started out with 11 problem, and the student sees this:

Then if I remove 1 problem. The student still sees 0/11 (and I confirmed it’s not just a browser caching issue, as I completely cleared my Firefox history and restarted the application.)

and also made a change of adding a single space to a single question in a section that was not updating the grade for the test student account. Then I published it. Then I published it. Then I refreshed the progress page. There was no update, as expected.

Side note: I’m pretty sure this wasn’t an issue in old versions. Is this perhaps an issue with the new Progress page as i user Nutmeg?

I tried

python lms compute_grades --all_courses

But that didn’t solve it.

please suggest if any . Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face: