Studio - Export course broken


I have an instance with ironwood, the specifications of vps are 8 cores, 20gb ram,

Since today I have had a problem exporting courses, I have checked in the logs both those of /edx/var/log/cms/edx.log and the logs of /edx/var/log/supervisor/cms* and I see that The last course that I was able to export was at 9am, but from then on I have 7 courses that have not been able to complete the export, the worst part of the problem is that it is not only those courses but the other courses had same problem.

I do not put logs, for the truth I have not found any errors about the export after the last one.

Has someone a similar error occurred?

I have attached a screenshot that I found in domain: 18010 / admin / user_tasks / usertaskstatus /, where you can see that a task is pending completion. As an observation, I had had this problem before with the dogwood version, but unfortunately I could not solve it by deleting the tasks in this panel. so I had to reinstall and start from scratch.

Sorry for my bad English.

@sbernesto, the exceptions/error messages in the log files corresponding to the errors seen when exporting the course should give some pointers about why the failures happened. Can you check those log files for specific exception or error messages?