Studio / Preview of Course Previous Buttons not working (goes to 404 page)

Hello, we are seeing an issue with Studio / Preview of a course.

For example:

If I click Next it goes to the next block, however when I click Previous, it redirects to a url ending in “/None” and returns the page not found.

The same thing happens with the Previous navigation at the bottom of the page.

Example url with 404.

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The preview mode is very important to our staff when conducting validation testing of new lesson content before publication. I hope someone here has some ideas or a solution to share.

Are you able to reproduce this issue on the demo server? I didn’t manage to. Steps I followed:

  1. Open demo course unit: Sign in or Register | Open edX Demo Site
  2. Click preview (sent to Sign in or Register | Open edX Demo Site)
  3. Click “previous” → successfully sent to Sign in or Register | Open edX Demo Site

@regis, what are the account credentials for the demo site, that way we can access the CMS side to see if we can reproduce.

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Thanks! I tried searching, but couldn’t find that page. Let me test and see if I can reproduce what we are seeing.

So I can’t reproduce exactly what we are seeing on the demo site, but here is a screencast Previous button goes to wrong section (demo site) - YouTube … What I am seeing on the demo site, is it doesn’t go back to the previous section but to the start of another section possibly?

This video shows what are seeing on our site with all of our different lessons.

I believe we also see this same behavior when using as an LTI integration, but I will have to work with @Anderson to try and duplicate that on the demo site

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