LMS courseware Previous Button not behaving as expected

A client reported that with one of their courses the “Previous” button in the LMS behaves differently than expected. See the diagram below. Is this behavior configurable somehow? Or is this determined with doing something within Course Management Studio?

Also - when the same course is exported then imported into the Sandbox platform,
the “Previous” button behaves correctly.
(Both our platform & Sandbox use Nutmeg)

Similar issue in August from another user (I checked yesterday with the poster - still not resolved)

Hi, just so I can help you to pin down the specific issue:

  • when you say LMS, are you in the frontend-app-learning-mfe? or the legacy learning experience? It seems the other user in the other thread was concerned about the legacy experience, which is used for preview instead studio.
  • @lpm0073 can you specify what release you are on?

I know that if this issue is only in the legacy lms frontend experience, as I suspect it is, I’m pretty sure the whole experience is close to deprecated, but I’m happy to help track down the source of your error.

They running the legacy courseware experience in Maple.2

@lpm0073, @chaugh, we had a similar issue and merged this fix into the master branch. It can be cherry-picked into other releases.

To have a clean Maple cherry-pick, you may first want to cherry-pick this PR.

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@Agrendalath do you have any recommendations on how we would get this into our tutor instance?

@misilot, unfortunately, I’m not using Tutor yet. There is a section about running a fork of edx-platform in Tutor docs, but it has a note that this does not work for pre-Nutmeg releases. Maybe @regis could help here.

These instructions still work for Maple. It’s just that you’re not supposed to run Maple with tutor v14.

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