Supporting Django 3.2 Upgrade

You might have heard that we need to upgrade the Open edX platform to Django 3.2 by October 9th (in 8 weeks :scream:).

Why that date you may ask?

December 9th is the release date for Maple. As part of the release process, we aim to branch out Maple master branch 8 weeks before the release to give ourselves enough time to test the release.

How can we help?

By committing our own time and taking on tickets on the django upgrade project board. To make sure we do our part in supporting this effort, the group has discussed the idea of committing to a weekly target.

I personally think that 4 tickets per week is a good place to start. We usually have between 8 and 10 attendees in the Bi-weekly meetup. If we each take one ticket every two weeks can help make a significant dent in that list.

How many tickets per week should we commit to?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • more

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@BbrSofiane, thanks for the initiative! IMHO, though, it’s less about number of tickets, and more about how much time you’ll be able to contribute.

As noted in the contributor’s meetup today, one way we intend to tackle the August 31 milestone is by getting core contributors to use some (or all!) of their allocated contribution time towards completing it. Hopefully that’ll take care of a healthy chunk of the work.

It probably won’t cover it, thouth, so we hope the wider community will help out. @jalondonot has already offered a few hands from eduNext (thanks!). We hope we’ll get more. :crossed_fingers: