Text in problems gets truncated if in non latin language

I have this strange problem since I first upgraded to Juniper release, and now also with the KOA release.

The text seems to be unexpectedly interrupted in some sentences, while in others it’s ok (the text is suddenly cut before the end of the sentence).

I must note that I only have this problem when the text inside the problems is in the Greek language (I have also tried a couple of other languages with non Latin characters and the problem occurs there too).

There is no problem when using English or when the text is in raw html or other non-problem components (at least the ones I have checked).

I noticed the problem always happens with text inside a Problem surrounded by this DIV tag:

<div id="seq_contents_0"
    aria-labelledby="tab_0" ...

but it also happens in some discussion forum posts.

The HTML inside this DIV appears encoded so I believe it’s parsed by the mathjax or some other browser-side javascript module on browser side so as to appear correctly on the user’s browser…

A hint that led me to this observation is that when I view the page source, the text inside the mentioned DIV tag is full and the html appears to be encoded, but when I use the browser’s inspect function (of the browser’s web developer tools), the text is truncated just like it is shown on the page (probably because, the inspect tool shows the final code, while view source shows what arrives to the browser before being parsed and shown).

To check if the problem is created by the mathjax module, I “turned off” mathjax to see what will happen, but although the math in the problems (and in forum) didn’t parse (as expected), the text remained incomplete in certain problems or in certain forum posts…

If I break the problematic sentences in paragraphs with the <P> tag, the text appears to be ok, but because I have many older courses that re-run often, it’s not possible to do this everywhere as a workaround (especially when it seems to be a bit random, it doesn’t happen everywhere)…
The picture I have linked below is a small example of the problem!