Textbooks / course wiki with embedded Youtube videos?

We have built a knowledge base in Confluence. It is an optional reference material for course participants, not the main part of the course. This material contains a lot of embedded Youtube videos. Also, it has numerous pages that are interlinked. I am trying to find a way to integrate it into OpenEdX, so we wouldn’t have to enroll users in both OpenEdX and Confluence.

Course Wiki won’t do, because it cannot embed video. Neither can I do it with a PDF textbook. I could link from there from Youtube, but i would like videos to play inline, without leaving the OpenEdX environment.

Any ideas or help very welcome. I’ve spent hours looking for a solution.

Hi @MargoLoor!
I work with edunext, which is a digital educational platform that utilizes the Open edX codebase.
Instead of using Confluence, a solution could be to migrate all the content to a course within OpenEdX itself. By doing so, the platform will allow you to achieve everything you desire directly within the course environment, including importing videos, texts, and all the desired content. This approach eliminates the need for users to be enrolled in both OpenEdX and Confluence, simplifying the user experience and streamlining access to course materials.

I hope this information is helpful.


Thank you! We considered this option, but we wanted Knowledge Base to stand out in user experience, to feel “something other” than the course. Having a separate course or even part of the same course would not have given the same feel.

Since we use Google products to augment the OpenEdX course anyway (like embedding Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Chat), then we decided to go with Google Sites and are migrating the Knowledge Base to Google Sites. We will get rid of the Confluence cost and we’re paying for Google anyway, even without using the Sites, so making use of something we already have and use makes the most sense for us.

Thank you for thinking along and sharing your solution!