Today I am creating a Tutorial for those who wants to create Videojs Xblock and change default video Player

Hi All,
Today I am creating a topic is near to me change default video player in OpenEdx with Videojs via Xblock.
Please refer this repo thanks to Appsembler Team they have created this plugin already.

You have to just refer to this Xblock and create your own Videojs Xblock. Anyone can add plugins to videojs Player and call via python you will find plugins here also for your reference.

I hope this will help this community people in some way.

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Hi @Parvin_Kumar,

Did you integrate xblock-video into your openedx environment? Did you use the latest release? I thought xblock-video didn’t support the latest release of openedx.
Can you please explain how you integrate xblock-video into nutmeg release? Did you use tutor build or native build?


Hi Seungjoon.Kim,

so sorry not able to answer earlier i was sick. I have tried this one on latest Nutmeg Version but it is not installed on Nutmeg.