Tutor installation guide combined with Open edX Olive

Hello everyone,

Could anyone provide a detailed guide on how to install Tutor with Open edX Olive?

Thank you!

Hi @TNS_FX1838 ,

tutor installation is very straightforward.
Below are the steps

  1. pip install tutor
    (for olive release you can install any 15.x.x series tutor package )

  2. tutor local launch

  3. You are done

  • tutor releaseedx-platform release
  • 15.+ → olive
  • 14.+ → nutmeg
  • 13.+ → Maple
  • 12.+ → Lilac
  • 11.+ → Koa

for more details refer to this documentation: https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/

Hello @kiran_chauhan ,

If I want to modify or replace the logo or make any changes in the code, how can I do it?

Hi @TNS_FX1838 ,

Below are the iscussion threads that might be helpful to you.

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