Can't find the openedx folder

Hi. I am new to Tutor. So i would like to create my own theme. Tutor documentation recommends to use default theme to override, so does OpenEDX documentation. I installed Tutor, however I cant find the separate OpenEDX folder on my system. I use Ubuntu. Can you help me?

@whataboutgrapes First of all I want to welcome you to the OpenedX community.

1: your question is u need to create your theme so u can follow this doc

2: as for your question u didn’t find the edx-platform so it is inside the container for that, u need to
copy the form outside and after that, u need to mount it.

I am using the below step for olive

1: tutor local copyfrom lms /openedx/edx-platform /Users/yagnesh/demo-olive   

above this step copy edx-platform from the container outside

2: nano "$(tutor config printroot)/env/local/docker-compose.override.yml"
# then add below things 

version: "3.7"
      - /home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/:/openedx/edx-platform
      - /home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/:/openedx/edx-platform
      - /home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/:/openedx/edx-platform
      - /home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/:/openedx/edx-platform

3: tutor local start -d --mount=/home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/ lms

# Run bash in the lms container
4: tutor local run --mount=/home/yagnesh/demo-olive/edx-platform/ lms bash

# Compile local Python requirements
5: pip install --requirement requirements/edx/development.txt

# Install nodejs packages in node_modules/
6: npm clean-install

# then finally

7: tutor local launch or tutor dev launch

But if you are using Palm release in Tutor which starts from v16.0.0 so in palm some changes.

  1. [Deprecation] Remove the various --mount options. These options are replaced by persistent mounts, which are managed by the tutor mounts commands. These changes are in the palm release so u can follow the below docs

Thanks a lot, I will try this and let you know