Unable to understand how or where to add new elements in the footer

I am fairly new to open edx and I’m using tutor to launch my local environment with the tutor local start
I figured out how to pull a theme and use the tutor do settheme in order to switch from one theme to another and make some basic changes.

Now I would like to alter the look of the footer so that I can add another logo next to tutor and open Edx logos.

I’ve read a few topics about MFEs, how to edit them and I’m still researching the proper way of doing it (mostly through this forum), but currently I feel lost and overwhelmed and I can’t make much sense of what is where and how do I get to a point where I can start editing the look of a particular element in open Edx and what files are editable through the theme.

I know that I have a footer.html file in theme files but there’s no header, are there docs that detail which parts of the app can be overwritten through the theme files and for which do I have to set up and edit an MFE?

Any help or guidance is welcome.