Using Tutor in Production Env But not able to figure out few things

Hi All,
I wanted to use Open edX in my production environment using docker local quickstart but not able to figure out few details like. There is no concrete documentation i have go through every documentation i can get (docs.
a. what things we needed in production env ( like setting and configurations, switches, flags)
b. How we configure S3 storage bucket for all storage related config

I am struck at this and my last question is can we use Tutor Docker based setup in production env or we have to choose Kubernetes based only in production.
and in future can we migrate data from docker to Kubernetes with the help of paid support.

I know i am asking too much so please help me out and share resources so i can use this in my production env

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Hi @Parvinkumar,

Tutor ships with what’s the believed to be sane defaults. The rest of the customisation is up to you and your specific use case. If you think a default setting is not appropriate feel free to raise the question here.

Have you had a look at the tutorial “Running Open edX at Scale”?

You will find a some references to tutor plugins to configure your instance to use S3. But FYI


Thanks alot BbrSofiane for helping me with Tutor and giving me time from your busy schedule.

I am asking to much from you. I am not able to add integrity signature it is giving error 500 internal server error.

Which flags and switches are compulsory in production.

I am struck in customization of Indigo Theme. I have made few changes in all files. I have made changes in sass files and other files but need to call JS files but i have no idea how to call JS files in Tutor Indigo theme and in Documentation there is not tutorials for these i have gone through whole community not found any solution so please help me to figure out how i will call theme assets like js files.

Hi @BbrSofiane ,

I am trying to enable this extension but no file with in the course.
For ur reference i am attaching screenshot

edx_catalog_extensions is disabled by default. edX developers should add course_discovery.apps.edx_catalog_extensions to INSTALLED_APPS in a settings file.

Please help me out and how i can do that.


I am not sure what you are trying to do and I haven’t used the edx_catalog_extensions before.

You are more likely to get useful responses if you describe what is the overall use case you are trying to achieve (e.g. why are you trying to use edx_catalog_extensions). I recommend you open a separate thread for separate issues to maximise your chances to get help from people that are familiar with the area of the platform you are trying to use.