Where should devstack support questions go?

Where should people post questions/issues with running the Open edX devstack?

It’s unclear whether it’s better to use DevOps, which is focused on running your own Open edX sites, or Development, which seems focused more on new features and architecture discussions.


I think this is a great question, and seems to be where a lot of people fall down (because let’s be honest, devstack isn’t the easiest thing to jump on). I think devstack’s big enough to deserve its own full category - or at least its own subcategory within either Development or DevOps - any thoughts on that @johnmark, @nedbat ?


Thanks for the question - any question about using Open edX or operating an Open edX site should go under devops. If there are enough questions to warrant its own subcategory, then we can create one.

But I understand how it can be unclear, and I can see arguments for both, but I do have a preference.

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I’d say any coding or development related stuff on new feature or existing Open edX site can go under Development, & any setup or config related issues can go under DevOps. That way it’ll be almost same to edx-code and edx-ops mailing lists and ops with slack. What say ?

I can personally get my head around the difference between development-related questions and ops-related questions, but someone just starting out with the devstack and intending to do some development or customisation might not.

I think if we had a devstack subcategory under DevOps, that would make it even clearer. And I’m sure we’ll get enough questions to warrant it – the previous mailing lists all did, and they tended to span both the edx-code and edx-ops lists.


That’s just the thing, old users can wrap around the development and ops related questions. New crowd probably will have issues.

But people are in discussion about changing names of DevOps, let’s see.

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Thanks - yes, looks like we’ll change devops to “running Open edX” or some such, and we can create a devstack subcategory under that.

I can definitely understand how people could get confused, and there will be some overlap. It’s just how these things work :slight_smile: