Who do you recommend for sending mass emails?

We are currently using Google Workspaces managed email accounts, but the number of emails per day is too low to email all students. What companies do other folks use to send emails to > 15k people per day? (If we need to email everyone on the platform)

Or (I suppose I should ask), should we just set up our own SMPT server and handle sending emails ourselves?

We use mailgun in eduNEXT and it has been working fine, looking at the dashboard I saw a spike of 30k emails in early march and didn’t seem to have any problem.

I know some people use mailchimp with similar results.

Some of our clients have their own SMTP server, but the behaviour is a bit flaky, especially when sending a large bulk of emails, if some of those early emails aren’t acknowledge/rejected the whole bulk is discarded. To avoid this we deploy postfix to alleviate the issue. We almost never face this problem with mailgun.


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