XBlock field both editable by students and the Editor

Hello everyone!
I’m developing a XBlock that have the ability to save students step by step answers after they send it. In the end it will generate a graph that shows steps from every student.
But I also want that the people on the course editor also have the ability to edit the students steps, or even create new paths for the answers.

After checking here (6.1. XBlock Fields — Open edX XBlock Tutorial documentation), I’ve tried then, but I didn’t find any Scope that can be edited by both the student and on the editor.

Is there any other Scope thay the link above didn’t show that can be used in this scenario?

Thank you.

Hi @AyaTachibana,

One option for you would be this: you implement the XBlock using student-editable scopes only, and then your instructors can use the View Course As Specific Learner tool if they need to edit a specific student’s steps.

If that’s not convenient enough or you need more sophisticated behavior, you’ll probably need to store the data somewhere other than XBlock fields (for example, in Django models or an external REST API). You can check out how the open response / group work XBlock works as an example (though it’s quite complex!).

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Sorry fot the late reply.
I will take a look in the Open Response XBlock.

Thank you for the answer!