XModule DEPR Celebration: April 1st!

No April Fools here! Join us at 2 PM EDT/US (18:00 GMT - time converter) to celebrate the removal of XModules from our system! (see XModule → XBlock Conversion Complete!)

This celebration will take the place of our normal in-person “piñata” celebrations that we’ve done in the past. We’re asking that everyone come armed with a physical “balloon” of some sort to smash… you could consider using:

  1. A real balloon!
  2. An origami balloon! Balloon - Let's Make Origami! - Exploring Origami - Virtual Culture - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan
  3. A business card cube! How to make business card cubes | Ned Batchelder

Optionally put candy inside or next to the “balloon”, and we’ll gather 'round to all smash our balloons together. I’m really looking forward to celebrating this amazing milestone and sharing joy with our whole community.

Zoom link: Launch meeting - Zoom