"Zombie" Course on homepage

We have this course showing up in the course list and I’m struggling with how to remove it. The course does NOT exist in Studio.

Running lms dump_course_ids DOES show the course and course ID, but then running cms delete_course <COURSE_ID> results in course not found.

So it appears the course exists in the LMS but not the CMS, and I’m unsure on how to delete a course listing from only the LMS.

Anyone have any tips?




when ‘edx search’ enabled the course list get from elasticsearch index.
you can try to clear index and run reindex task:

curl -XDELETE localhost:9200/courseware_index
sudo -u www-data /edx/bin/python.edxapp /edx/bin/manage.edxapp cms --settings aws reindex_course --all

change localhost to address of elasticsearch endpoint

Thanks Andrey, any idea how to accomplish this if ‘edx search’ is not enabled? We do not have that enabled, but this course is still showing on the homepage course list. I tried your suggestion just in case, and it didn’t make a difference.

Is the course not in CMS ?
If so then it shouldn’t be in LMS as well. Unless elasticsearch is enabled. Which you say it isn’t.

Can you check if its in archived courses ?

Or probably its just a caching issue ?

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hello, Nick!
discovery service can keep course index when configured. i have no advanced knowledge in edx-discovery integration.
may be this commands come in handy to sync metadata between edx and edx-discovery:

export COURSE_DISCOVERY_CFG=/edx/etc/discovery.yml
/edx/app/discovery/venvs/discovery/bin/python /edx/app/discovery/discovery/manage.py refresh_course_metadata --settings=course_discovery.settings.production
/edx/app/discovery/venvs/discovery/bin/python /edx/app/discovery/discovery/manage.py update_index --disable-change-limit --settings=course_discovery.settings.production
/edx/app/discovery/venvs/discovery/bin/python /edx/app/discovery/discovery/manage.py remove_unused_indexes --settings=course_discovery.settings.production