About Adding zh-tw translations

I try to add the zh_TW into Tutor Maple:

Below is my steps:
1.I add the zh_TW folder into $(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/locale/
(The files from GitHub - openedx/openedx-i18n: Localization files for Open edX, downloaded from Transifex)
2.tutor images build openedx
3.add Dark lang configs : zh-tw

But I don’t see “traditional chinese” option in site language settings . Is there any one know about this?

Can you please be more clear about what you mean by this?

Open edX will use the language designated in your browser to decide which language to present you by default.

In the case of Google Chrome, it will use the language as you set here: Change Chrome languages & translate webpages - Computer - Google Chrome Help

OK, I re-write the post again. I’m trying to add the language(zh-tw) as old versions.