Access Open edX api's from frontend/postman using tutor

We’re creating a custom frontend from openedx APIs using tutor. But when I try to access APIs from a react app or postman I’m getting CORS/403 error but some API’s like /api/bookmarks/v1/bookmarks are working but when I try /api/user/v1/login_session it’s giving me 403.
I added my domain in xdomainproxyconfiguration whitelist still I’m getting CORS error
Please guide me on how we go about this.

Hi @VASANTH_KUMAR :wave: I would start by taking a look at How to authenticate and query edX APIs with Postman as a starting point. Has info on standard Postman setup that might be missing.

Hi, @nsprenkle thank you will check this out.

Hi! I’ve moved your question to the “Development” topic. Choosing the right topic when you make a post is important for visibility; the default (“Community”) is almost never what you want.