Unable to start the Open edX plugins template

Hello. I want to build my own (react + django) app and use it as the plugin in open edx tutor (version 17.0.0). First i generated the frontend-app- template from [this template]. i cloned it in my local device and installed it. when i start the app it displays error message (“An unexpected error occurred. Please click the button below to refresh the page.”). How can i successfully start the app and customize it and use it as plugins?. Thank you.
Note: i have tutor running in my background.

Hi. Please check out the thread How to create and integrate my custom Django REST app to Tutor. The thread is similar to the thing you are trying to achieve.
One thing: you have cloned the MFE template but how are you configuring it within Tutor? By following GitHub - overhangio/tutor-mfe: This plugin makes it possible to easily add micro frontend (MFE) applications on top of an Open edX platform that runs with Tutor.?

If you see that message, you will need to check your browser JavaScript Console and/or Network tab to see the actual reason for this error. Without the specific reason, it’s hard to say.

i looked into it, and tried to configure it as plugin, but it gave an error while building the tutor. is it correct to make plugin.py file and enable it as plugin? or Where should i write the filter hook configure code?

It was 401 error, how do i access the open edx api without 401 error for the local development for my react/dango app?

Were you able to resolve it? If yes, please share your solution, I am having the same issue @Subodh_Poudel

Yes i resolved it. What is your problem? will you explain where you faced the problem.

@Subodh_Poudel I did the things which OP did in CORS problem when working with MFE template to run the frontend outside the docker (creating and enabling a tutor plugin to allow localhost:8080), but getting the error msg (An unexpected error occurred. Please click the button below to refresh the page.) and when checking in the network tab, it’s 401 for http://local.edly.io/login_refresh endpoint.

You need to add the authentication header while fetching the data. You need to use getHttpClient() for header.

@Subodh_Poudel Thanks for the reply, though I am not fetching any data. When opening the MFE, it’s sending a POST request to /login_refresh and that is giving 401.

I have the access token in cookes of MFE host as edx-jwt-cookie-header-payload, and I guess the MFE should be using that