Account activation email with HTML template

Hello everyone,
After a long way and huge efforts we are very close to change edx-platform activation email to be sent by edX’s Automated Communication Engine.
This change would has a lot of benefits like enabling site designers to customize activation email with colors, site specific logo, RTL direction and etc.
At this level we desired to test the changes on a production-like instance (native, not devstack) to ensure that the changes wouldn’t make any trouble for the running instances like .
For some reasons I cannot do this myself so I decided to ask for some help here. It would be as easy as setting up a new server from this repository then registering a new user and checking the received activation email. (OR possibly produced errors)
I will be in touch by @mahyard via slack.
I appreciate @nedbat and @shadinaif for their efforts in advance

@mahyard, thanks so much for pushing this forward.

Is anyone available to test this pull request in their environment? It’s had to be reverted twice for various reasons that unit tests don’t pick up. The last one had to do with the environment in the Celery task. I’m thinking of @jill, @sambapete, @omar, …, maybe?

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I would love too, but no time unfortunately right now.

Hi everyone. I will test it tomorrow and let you now :+1:
Thank you @mahyard and @nedbat