Testing Feedback Requested

Hey All,

The arch-bom team at edX is going to be looking at making some improvements around how the platform is tested and would love some feedback from you about what’s working and not working for you as we think about what work to prioritize. Please fill out this form if you have any thoughts: https://forms.gle/3SdVSarH3jTtmB2cA

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Hey all,

Thanks to those who have already provided feedback!

We’ll be closing the survey on Friday March 27th so please fill it out by then.

After that, I’ll post a summary here.

FYI @antoviaque, @natea, @idegtiarov, @Peter_Koblyakov See above in regards to target date (March 27th) for closure on the Open edX Testing Feedback Survey.

Thanks for the ping @nimisha! On our side @usman is working on gathering feedback from the OpenCraft team, and will be posting in the survey later this week.

Hey All, The survey is now closed, thanks to everyone who participated. A quick review of the responses shows a lot of interest in better documentation around tests and a desire for faster testing. There were also some interesting desires around better testability of plugins without needing the whole platform.

From the edX side, we’re going to be spending some time in the near future collecting data on all the waffle flags that existing in edx-platform and exposing that to users internally and externally. While django settings have been getting easier to find and we’ve been reducing the places where we manage them. The waffle settings have generally remained opaque. Hopefully exposing them will be the first step in unifying docs across all the flippable switches in the platform.

We’re hoping this will lead to some of these un-necessary bits being removed also so that should help make the platform a bit simpler.

Thanks for all the other input, we’ll keep thinking about how we can make improvements in some of those spaces, or if you have ideas, I’d love to hear how we can help the community achieve some of its own goals without edX slowing you down.

@feanil Thanks for posting a recap! And for collecting the information from the community on this in the first place.

Will the raw data be available somewhere? It can be good to have the answers available to all, it can help to inform future discussions on this?

I need to remove some of the identifying data but then I’ll post the rest here.

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As requested, here are the raw survey results minus identifying data.

Open edX Platform Testing Feedback (Responses).csv (5.6 KB)

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